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Flowers On The Park, a Florist in New York 

We create floral art to suit our clients’ changing needs. We feel that although you may initially use our services for our creative and unique design, you’ll keep coming back because of the quality of our work and the relationship you build with us. So, we invite you to get to know Katrina.


About Katrina

about-us.jpgI grew up gardening with my father in southern New England and learned at an early age the nurturing effect of working with nature.  I loved the taste of fresh tomatoes, summer squash, and ever-abundant zucchini. I also loved the sweet fragrance of New England in the fall with its amazing kaleidoscope of colors.

Eventually, I found myself in New York, arguably one of the most creative cities in the world. I worked for many years in Human Resources; however, my love of nature and art came alive as I began to explore my own creativity on the side. 

Katrina Parris Flowers is Born

The sudden death of my mother became the “aha” moment in my life that changed everything. I reflected back to my childhood and the love I had for nature, art, and color. I knew I needed to spend more time pursuing that part of me. It was during this time that the idea for Katrina Parris Flowers New York was born.

I started with basic floral design classes at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and later studied at Parsons School of Design for more technical classes.  Continuing my education, I worked as a freelancer to several established floral designers.  The hard work and diligence was difficult at times, but well worth the experience.

In 2002 I signed my first lease for Katrina Parris Flowers New York, a boutique and studio.  It was at that moment that I truly felt free to express all the creativity that I possessed.  What an opportunity to work with so many kinds of flowers from all over the world!  I was in my own personal nirvana, creating floral art for large-scale corporations, centerpieces for brides on their special day, and my personal favorite, floral décor for social events and celebrations.

The Future of Katrina Parris Flowers

store.jpgKatrina Parris Flowers New York has enabled me to utilize my personal skills of connecting with people, and to create art with nature. I truly have the best of both worlds. Every day I have the responsibility of conveying peoples’ innermost feelings with the art of flowers—what a thrill!

In 2012, Katrina Parris New York will celebrate its 10th anniversary and has the blood, sweat, and tears to prove it!  I celebrate the long journey that it was and would not change a thing.  

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