It's About You

We can talk about the years in business and all the wonderful things we've done, but frankly thats not who we are.   Our staff has been in your shoes before and understand how its a challenge to find a good florist that cares about you and is capable of consistently expressing your feelings through flowers.

So we built Flowers on the Park to operate how we wanted to be treated when sending flowers.

Our Secret Formula

We don’t hire the best flower designers!  Instead we hire “people” persons with diverse work experience; strong work ethics and a desire help others.   We found it much easier to teach our design methods than to install common sense and engaging personalities.  You’ll find that our customers love the flower arrangements we create but rave more about the staff and their ability to deliver good service– consistently.

Do we every make mistakes?  Sometimes!  But its our staff that takes responsibility and is empowered to turn a bad situation into a fantastic experience that makes customers use us again for their flower needs

Drink Up!

Through trial and error we've created our flower selection and hydration process to extend the fresh look and smell of our flowers.  So your favorite Calla Lilies will look as fresh as naturally possible with each order you make.  All new designers are taught the process and have "refreshers" during the year.


To ensure we get the order right our order taking process is built with checks and balances to minimize problems and having key information fall through the cracks.  We call this “over-communicating” to ensure you, our customer, are confident your order will represent the feelings you want to convey to your recipient.   Our communication is always improving which means you‘ll can order with confidence and receive a consistent experience with each order.

No Nasty Surprises – We Promise

Its our promise to call a customer BEFORE we replace a single petal with another.   We hate nasty surprises and are sure you feel the same.   Each arrangement receives individual attention and is check and rechecked to ensure it's exactly what you requested.  

Here’s How We Think Our Customers Should be Treated:

  • You call, we answer with a smile
  • Listen to you and answer smart questions
  • Provide higher quality flowers and design variety
  • We communicate to ensure the order is correct
  • Execute as agreed and follow-up to make sure all went well

A flower shop is not rocket science but it does take some passion…that’s the Flowers on the Park difference.