NYC Programs Supported by Katrina Parris Flowers


Top Tier Youth Tennis Program

Enter code "HJTEP" and a percentage of Katrina Parris Flowers sales goes to HJTEP with a purchase of $100 or more flower arrangements.    Manhattan Delivery Only.

We are personally involved in this organization.  Flowers and event services are contributed to their annual fundraiser.   The organizations leadership and staff are driven and have positioned HJTEP to grow and impact so many lives - continually.   Student's each year move on to attend quality universities and in many cases recieve tennis scholarships.

Most inner-city schools lack the resources to offer extracurricular programs that wealthier school districts and private schools offer as a matter of course. In particular, children are increasingly left without opportunities for structured, positive physical activity as schools are forced to cut athletic teams and even physical education classes. At HJTEP, they learn to keep their body's healthy, work to maintain good grades, set personal and educational goals, and take pride in their achievements. It also teaches participants new skills that can translate into summer jobs and college scholarships. HJTEP nurtures each child's interest, energy and ability into a gift that can open doors and form the basis for a positive way of life.

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