009463-d24753a2-910b-11e3-9900-6ae4ae41740d.jpgWhen we think about flowers and romance, we almost always imagine a man buying flowers for a woman. But does it have to be this way? And does it ever make sense for a woman to buy a man flowers?

To answer this question, we need to start with a myth about men and relationships. To be sure, both genders have misconceptions about what the opposite sex needs from their partner. It turns out that many women believe men are completely self-sufficient and don’t need praise or support from their partner.

men-giving-flowers_005.jpgIn reality, evidence from psychology suggests it's not uncommon for men to need more emotional support from their partners than women. This is because women may find it easier to get this kind of support from friends and family. Men feel more compelled to hide their frustrations and appear self-sufficient.Does this mean women should send flowers to their men? It's certainly not the only way to show a man you care, but when done right it's a great way to make him feel important.The biggest concern a woman faces in sending a man flowers is the possibility that he could feel emasculated. But if you talk to the right florist, you'll discover that there are floral arrangements with a more masculine energy to them, and that men will actually enjoy receiving as a gift.

If you're considering sending a man flowers, it's important to work with a designer who knows how to use them to send the right message. By avoiding pastel and multicolor arrangements and sticking to simple, low, lush setups you can avoid anything that feels feminine. Bold shapes and colors create something pleasing to look at without making him feel awkward.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to be a bit blunt with men, either. Flowers without context could easily leave a man feeling more confused than appreciated. A note or a few words explaining what the gift is for will give him the sense of appreciation he's looking for. Just remember, the idea is to make him feel important and needed.Women, would you ever send flowers to a man? Men, would it feel good to get flowers from a woman?

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