We have a few things to think about when we send a woman flowers, and size is one of them. Should we send her a big bouquet full of colors or will a single red rose do the trick? The answer is a bit nuanced and it depends on your partner.

Going Big, When Bouquet Size Matters
Here are a few reasons a bigger bouquet can be better:
You are putting your money where your mouth is. It’s obvious that you didn’t skimp on the flowers and you aren’t scarping by on the bare minimum. 
You can be more creative. The smaller the bouquet, the fewer flowers you have to choose from. More arrangements are possible with a larger collection of flowers. 
It makes a bigger impression. A larger arrangement is more pleasing to look at and more noticeable. You can also have more fun with her, placing the bouquet somewhere where she can find it on her own and get that little flutter in her chest.
The fragrance is stronger. A small bouquet or a single flower has a weak fragrance that can’t fill a room. When it comes to floral fragrances, it’s hard to go too big. 
Size Isn’t Everything
While a larger arrangement often makes a bigger impression, relying too much on size can make her feel like you’re just throwing money at her. Flowers are all about thoughtfulness, so its important to keep your partner in mind. Don’t rely strictly on brute force.
If she has a favorite flower, you will obviously want to include it. Talk to your designer about flowers that compliment it well to make it more interesting, but keep her favorite flower most prominent. 
If her flower is out of season or she doesn’t have a favorite, try incorporating her favorite color or colors instead. This is one of those subtle things that can make all the difference. 
Different flowers send different messages. Your designer can work with you to make sure you are sending the right one. Since not all women are keen to these subtleties, you can really enhance the message by explaining what each of the flowers mean. Odds are she’ll be pleasantly surprised by your class and thoughtfulness, and the flowers will mean even more than they otherwise would have. 
Design is often more important than mere size. Working together with an expert means you can give her a bouquet thats very pleasing to look at, rather than just taking up a lot of space. 
Which do you think is more important, size or style? 

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