2.jpgStory #1:  "What should I send now?"

A valued client for three years sends his wife flowers regularly.  “But what to send?” is the challenge. Spending extra time and attention with him has helped to create some special moments time and time again. He shared that this time it was a homecoming.

The result was a $125 Designers Choice featuring seasonal flowers that met her taste and ”flashy” enough to make an impression when she arrived at home.  Just imagine the expression on her face seeing her flowers at the end of a long journey!


Story #2:  “Its gotta be right”  A delivery challenge.

A client wanted to send flowers for his mother’s birthday, one arrangement the day before, and one the day of (with absolutely the best birthday message we’ve ever read).  The first piece was to be done by a partner florist to deliver to outer Brooklyn, the second by KPF.  But on birthday delivery day, Mom was at a different location than orginally shared!   Working with the client by email and phone, we quickly nailed down the details and the flowers were hand-made and delivered to the new address within hours. 

He was thrilled that his master plan was executed despite the Gotcha moments.  The flowers were well received but more importantly, Mom was tickled by the planning and thoughtfulness that went into her birthday.


Story #3:  Memories of Georgia


This past Mother’s Day, we worked with a client to select the right design for her mother-in-law's flowers.  “What to send to a very particular mother-in-law?"  After hearing about the recipient’s preference for a lush, garden style and love of peonies, we suggested one of our special Mother’s Day designs, Petals and Lace. 

She loved it so much she called us directly to thank us for the arrangement, and told us how peonies reminded her of her childhood in Georgia and her mother’s garden.

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