4.jpg"Your feelings, our flowers” are important words to us at KPF, so we apply high design standards to all our flower arrangements for quality and consistency.  Every order, every day.

The Katrina Parris Flowers collection includes a series of designs based on our customer’s feedback and arrangements that provided the highest level of happiness.

The following gives you a sense of how we create our collection of flowers and create customized arrangements for our Designer Choice series.

What You Said

Customers respond to our surveys and email us all the time sharing  how good the experience was with the arrangement delivered.  Generally, the designs are based on who the arrangement is for and what the occasion is.  This will lead us to design style and color palettes.

Simple, elegant and distinctive is how we sum up our designs.  That fits our personal style and is well-received by our many recipients.   Our designs are timeless classics that have a huge cross-over appeal.

Picking a Vase

Container selection comes next.  The style and size of the container will help determine the flower arrangement's design.  Or if working with a unique flower, we need to select a container that will compliment the blooms.  We work with containers that are high-end and stylish, yet durable.

Picking Flowers

Flowers must be fresh and unbruised.  Flowers are carefully selected and stems are cut at an angle for maximum water absorption, and we keep the foliage above the water line to prevent bacteria from accelerating (see flower care). 

The Magic Begins

Before we even start arranging, the end result is visualized, with flower species and color  selections carefully made.  We want to make sure that all the flowers, foliage, botanicals, and style accents come together in a pleasing way.  We call this “the sum should be greater than the parts”.

A mixed flower arrangement should have three key elements that harmonize well together, with a pleasing mix of color, texture and bloom shape.   The designer constantly rotates the piece to make sure that the overall shape of the arrangement and proportion of the composition is just right.

After the arrangement is finished, it gets a “peer quality check” by another designer to make sure mechanics and stems are hidden and the flower design meets our customer’s standards. 

When your arrangement leaves the design table you should know it has passed KPF’s design standards!


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