5.jpgFirst Time Ordering, or a Returning Customer?

Our fancy order taking system has tons of features, but the most important is it securely holds all your order details, saving you time on your next order. 


Your Feelings Our Flowers

Understanding why you are ordering helps us suggest designs that fit the recipient’s style and your interest.  The biggest value we add is helping you select the right choice.  It’s all about being thoughtful. 


Patient and Flexible

The ordering process is about you.  We understand sometime you need a little guidance to ensure the right arrangement is selected and message written and to sort out any delivery challenges. 


Flexible and Creative

Our floral collection is based on our customer’s feedback.  The collection includes best- sellers using seasonal flowers.  We introduced The Designers Choice series to give our customers a flexible option in the event they’re unsure what to order. 


Say What You Mean

We understand the message card in many cases is more important than the flowers.   Our staff repeats your message to ensure every word is correct, even in different languages.   The message is printed on  beautiful card stock paper and concealed for privacy.   You may decide to leverage our staff to help you with the messaging if you need help with some ideas.


You’re Covered

After you place a phone or online order you will receive an email with the order confirmation and later an attached credit receipt. Our policy is to process your credit card only when we are confident in delivering your arrangement as requested.


Keeping Track

Our system allows us to update your order status throughout the process. The system knows when your order is made, when it ships out (and exactly who the delivery person is), and when the delivery is completed.


Is It Delivered Yet?

Don’t you hate when you send a gift and not sure of its delivery status?  After the delivery is confirmed you will receive a delivery confirmation via email.    The next step is to wait and hear from the recipient and how much she appreciated her flowers.


Are You Happy?

In about five to seven days expect to receive a call from us asking how everything went.  We don’t want to assume all went okay until we hear from you.  


Share the Good News

With a good experience we hope you’ll return and also share the good news with anyone you feel Katrina Parris Flowers can help through our flower delivery service.

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