bouquet2.jpgHow long have you been in business?

This is our tenth year.  In 2001, Katrina started out as a floral designer freelancer under Manhattan’s top tier floral designers and event companies.  With a loan and little help from President Clinton she opened her floral boutique shop two years later.


 What do your brides say about you?

Very Patient, considerate and detailed oriented.  Fun to work with and no drama!

Do you have any references for brides?

Yes.  We ask that you give us time to contact our brides in advance.

Are flowers the only service you provide?

We are a full service event company.   We have our own inventory or outsource to our reliable partners for furniture, linens, lighting, and thematic pieces.

Where do we start?

We first have a phone conversation with you, to get an overall idea of the event scope, your preferences and style.  It also gives you a chance to get to know us.  Based on this conversation, we can provide a rough estimate of the flower budget, and email the you suggestions for the flower designs based our conversations and photos you’ve sent of what you like.  This gets us ready for the design consultation, where the design is refined and decisions made.    

Do you charge for consultation?

No.  We really don’t understand why some florists would charge for a consultation.  The consultation is generally an hour.  Most details are finalized by this point, and you will leave your consultation feeling comfortable that we “get you”, that we understand your vision for your wedding and are agreed upon a design direction.      

Do you provide proposals?  If yes, how long does it take?callarosebouquet.jpg

Yes.  Proposals, issued after the consultation, are the hardest part of the process and the most time consuming.  An average proposal takes up to 3-5 hours to complete.  Proposals require research, planning and creative thinking.  Every proposal is reviewed in our weekly design meeting with the entire staff.

The proposals are itemized to help you understand each detail, its description and costs.  We do not have standard proposals – each one is detailed to your specific wedding requirements. 

The average turnaround for proposals is 5-7 business days. 

Are you experienced with Chuppahs?

Yes.  We have multiple options ranging from a simple birch pole structure to a very elaborate and intricate design with floral, fabrics, and lighting effects.

Do you have a minimum cost for weddings?

No.  We work with modest and extensive budgets.  We find with weddings today it is about creating the personal touch that represents the bride and groom.  It’s about creativity, elegance and simplicity.  We also recommend ways “spend smartly”, so you can save in certain areas and use your flowers where they will have the most impact.